Trouble with issue

This week we started working on a new issue: refactoring the wiki pages to indicate a change in the name of a feature from general properties to settings. I was concerned about changing everything without asking, so I asked on the bug report to clarify, and after receiving validation that my intention for replacement was correct, began to carry out the plan. However, after making changes on some of the pages, I got a barrage of emails questioning me, to which I responded to, explaining why I did what I did, and asking for more validation. I received an email back vaguely replying that my path way correct, and that the community might not have been aware about the bug we were working on. I though everything was good. However, last night I got another garage of emails stating that all the changes that I made from my account were reverted back, and by the same person who told me I was on the right path. I think that I wasted my time, and will be more careful about working on things in the future. I would think that the questions I asked would have been sufficient, maybe in the future they should take a look at the bug reports instead of being surprised and upset when someone works on them. 


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